When it comes to updating the interior of your commercial office building, you can easily find yourself in a sea of too much beige. Contemporary offices are bucking the trend and looking for more vibrant and welcoming color schemes to serve as the setting for their businesses. Color psychology shows that specific color schemes are proven to promote productivity and increase stamina. Get rid of sleepy beige and boring white in your corporate office, and work with a commercial painting contractor to develop some new trends. Here are 4 commercial painting color schemes that stand out:

Neutral Done Right

Neutral paint colors sometimes get a bad rap because they are often overdone in commercial workspaces. However, a neutral paint color scheme can go a long way in providing a collaborative, modernized look in an office. Stick with monochromatic color schemes from floor to ceiling, and pair with natural lighting and bold art prints.

Natural Elements

Earthy tones can be used to create a calming atmosphere in your office space. Consider using Sherwin Williams Olive Grove on the office doors, or Benjamin Moore’s Jack Pine on the walls. Utilize colors from the natural world in your commercial paint job to keep your office warm and inviting to customers or employees. Fill in the room with potted plants and natural lighting, and don’t be afraid to go dark or bold on some of these colors.

Saturated Similarities

Keep the saturation consistent throughout the office space. Remember that saturation sometimes affects mood more than even paint color. Commercial painting contractors can help you pick out the best paint colors, tones, and saturation levels for each room of your office. Bold prints are more high energy, while heavily saturated, muted tones are more calming.

Bold Warmth

Go bold with your paint color choices. Offices that stand out are ones that aren’t afraid to shine. Choose a rust orange paint color for an accent wall, or highlight natural wood with a glossy shine. Your office environment should invite collaboration and creativity. Pro1 Painters offers a variety of commercial painting services that offer more than just painting. We can ensure that your exterior is treated for waterproofing and that your interior trim and interior design are up to par.

Cool and Collected

For those looking for something classic but want to stay away from boring, consider lighter, saturated cool tones. Opt for light blues, purples, and greens to add an easy, communal feel to your corporate space. Consider Benjamin Moore Soft Jazz or Sherwin Williams Lobelia. Commercial painting should invite employees and customers to enjoy your space.

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