With Thanksgiving still fresh in our minds, everyone here at Pro 1 Painters is truly taking some time to think about what we’re thankful for. Thanks in part to clients like you, we really have a lot of blessings! While this is certainly not a list of the only things we are thankful for, we wanted to share some of our gratitude with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

#5 – Family

We are so thankful for families that allow us to work in this job we love. And, of course, our families love that they know a professional painter whenever a job needs to be done! But we are also so thankful for your family – families that trust us to bring new life to dull, outdated paint jobs. Whether we are painting your living room, your home exterior, or your business, we are thankful you are putting your dream into our hands.

#4 – Paint

At Pro 1, we only use the best paint for our projects, so we’re grateful there are so many fantastic options available. It doesn’t matter if the area you want painted is prone to attracting a lot of mess – we can help you find the right paint to keep your surfaces clean and fresh. And if you’re struggling to decide what color or finish you would like, you can let the experts at Pro 1 help you find the best home interior paint for you.

#3 – Drop Cloths

We couldn’t provide our clients with all the benefits of the best professional painters if we didn’t have drop cloths! Drop cloths allow us to give you the very best look without causing any permanent mess or damage to any of your personal belongings. We always use drop cloths wherever we paint: your home, your office, or even your garage. In addition to providing a superior painting service, we also hope to present you with peace of mind, and drop cloths help make this possible. We also make sure to work around your schedule, especially at your business. We’ll paint at night so as not to disrupt your customers throughout the day. We will also communicate clearly and effectively so that we are only in the areas of your home or office that we are permitted to be in.

#2 – Company

Pro 1 Painters is a fantastic company to be involved with and unlike any other paint company out there. At Pro 1, every painter we have is an employee. That means everyone is invested in the company and helping the business succeed. We don’t use sub-contractors or painters who are just here to make a quick buck; our painters are trained, dedicated professionals who work hard for you. We also work hard to better our community by volunteering our time and talents. Once a month, some of our painters complete a service project at a local Ronald McDonald house by painting rooms pro bono. Even our company meetings are different than most companies – we call them “family meetings,” because at Pro 1, we are family. A good work environment leads to happy employees which leads to happy customers – and that is exactly what we want! Which leads us to…

#1 – You!

Let’s be honest, we couldn’t be the best painting contractors if we didn’t have the very best customers. You are our number one blessing! Whether we are adding life to a newly finished basement, brightening up the parking lot of your business, or turning your guest room into a nursery, we want to give you a paint job you’ll love for years to come. Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to serve you!