If you are a member of the building committee for your church, you may be asked to make some decisions about interior painting. The professional painters at Pro 1 know that this is an important decision, not only for aesthetics but also for the functionality of your worship space. We also know that a lot of churches tend to go with beige. While beige can be a lovely color, we’re here with some options for other neutral colors that can be just as beautiful without being overdone.

We understand that choosing a paint color isn’t as simple as blindly picking from a pile of sample colors. The color of your sanctuary says a lot to your members and guests! With that in mind, we have compiled some of our favorites for your sanctuary. Here is a list we think would make a good impression while being professionally appropriate.

#1 – Battleship Gray by Behr

Gray is a very popular neutral color. The green tones found within this particular shade make it one of the best interior paint options for worship space because of the the fluorescent lights. Other nice green-toned grays are Behr’s Pumice, Old Celadon, or Boulder Granite.

#2 – Ocean Swell by Behr

Another color that works well with fluorescent lights is blue, and there are blue tones found inside this gray paint. Depending on how much natural light you have in your sanctuary, this color will appear gray or blue, so this paint can almost pull double duty. Other blue-toned grays are Behr’s Rainmaster, Dark Pewter, or Tin Foil.

#3 – Rhythmic Blue by Sherwin Williams

Speaking of blues, this color is a bright blue neutral that will be sure to bring life into your worship space. Blues are also a calming, peaceful color, so they will create a positive and relaxing atmosphere for your congregants. Other blues that would work well are Sherwin Williams’ Icelandic, Blissful Blue, or Faded Flaxflower.

#4 Guilford Green by Benjamin Moore

Greens are energizing colors, so if your congregation needs a boost, consider going green! Guilford Green is a lovely soft green that will not overwhelm your walls with intense color. Other popular green options are Benjamin Moore’s Maidenhair Fern, Mesquite, and Spring Meadow.

#5 – Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore

Beige is popular for a reason! But this isn’t your typical beige. Rich like a latte, this beige will add brightness and warmth to your worship space. Other beige options we enjoy are Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige, Hush, and Crisp Khaki.

Whatever color you decide should adorn the walls of your church sanctuary, be sure to contact our commercial painters at Pro 1! All of our painters are professionals who will work around your church schedule. We will work with you to find times to paint that do not intrude on your worship and other meeting times. We’ll be sure to make your walls look and feel their very best. Let’s get started on your project – contact us for a free quote today.