In today’s internet craze, everyone is affected by big ideas and comparing outcomes. We all want to post pictures of our happy families, great trips, spacious homes, and big life changes. It’s easy to see how life looks for everyone else, and assume that you can be doing things to make yours look the same. This mindset has led many people into the Do-It-Yourself craze, and suddenly everyone is coming back from the thrift store with an antique dresser ready to restore. While DIY projects can offer individuals a sense of creativity and productivity, applying it to large-scale projects, like a residential paint job, can sometimes be more of a hurdle than a help. Here are 6 reasons why DIY renovations are overrated:


When pursuing any kind of DIY project, there is the inevitable mess that has to be cleaned up at the end. With a residential paint job, this mess is much larger than your typical project. You’ll want to make sure that you properly store and clean paint brushes each night, and that you are applying painters tape to trim and edges. Cleaning up after a painting project can take a solid hour, and often times larger projects take multiple days. Setting up and tearing down every day can take its toll on even the most optimistic DIYers! The painting professionals at Pro1 Painters can work with your family to not only paint your home, but get rid of the messy evidence that it requires.


Painting professionals bring their own quality materials to work, removing the need for homeowners to stock up before a big renovations. If you are committed to the idea of performing the work yourself, you’ll want to get proper materials, such as brushes, extenders, tape, and primers. Painting contractors can help you determine the best colors, and ensure that you have a quality selection to choose from, such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.


For many people browsing the inspiration boards on the internet, most of the big ideas and renovation ideas start to look the same. Pastel paint colors in the kitchen and dramatic contrasts in formal gathering areas make up most of the design landscape. Why not do something outside of the box? Working with a painting professional, you have access to expert advice as to how to get the most out of your painting project.

Time Commitment

One of the biggest problems when it comes to DIY projects is that people don’t allow for enough time on their project. They end up having to rush through the back half of the work, and end up compromising integrity of the painting renovation for a finished product. Instead, if you work with a painting professional, you can create a work schedule that accommodates your family’s routine.

Choosing Correctly

Did you know that there is a relatively endless list of shades of white paint colors? You can literally sort through thousands of shades of white before choosing the best one for your space. It’s easy to get ideas from the internet, and use them to inform some of your inspiration. However, it’s a dangerous game to try and match something exactly. A residential painting contractor can help you determine the best paint colors for the size and shape of your home, and account for the natural lighting in the house as well.

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