Pro1 is no stranger to commercial painting. More than that, we know businesses – we’re one too! We know that the workspace is incredibly important to your business, its operations, and its revenue. The workspace greatly influences the work your company produces because it affects your employees. It’s important that your workspace is never bland or boring, as this can produce bland work and results for your company. On the contrary, give your workspace some added flare and soon you should see an increase in employee production and overall business success! Here are 6 ways that we think you can add interest to your workspace:

Add an Accent Wall

Accent walls are easy and inexpensive ways to add flare to the interior of an ordinary or lacking space. Commonly used in residential painting, accent walls are just walls that are painted a different, often bolder color compared to other walls in the room to give the room a little something extra. Especially if your office space is white or grey, an accent wall could be a great way to bring life to the interior of your business.

Consider Your Conference Room

In many ways, the conference room is the heart and soul of your office space, and it should look the part. Whether it’s inspiring collaboration and creativity between your employees in meetings or impressing your clients when they visit the office, the conference room can be a vital part of your business’s success and overall profit, which is why you need to make sure that you’re intentional about the color you paint it.

Paint Your Trim

Like an accent wall, painting a room’s trim is an easy project that has a huge impact. If your building has trim inside, consider painting it an interesting color to complement the rest of the room. This is an easy way to add interest to a space without making any drastic changes like painting an entire room… which comes next.

Fresh New Paint Job

Maybe it is time for a new paint job. Signs that you might need a whole new paint job for your workspace include noticeable wear and tear, decreased business, or decreased production. A whole new color or just a fresh coat could have a major impact on your business and bring it back to life if its current paint job has caused it to be boring.

Play With Color

Add some interest to your workspace by using paint colors that match your brand or inspire certain moods in your business space. For example, warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges inspire energy and productiveness, but tend to be distracting in a business setting if they are too bold. Soften these warm colors by opting for deeper tones, and maintain the energy they bring without distracting the people working in the workspace.

Paint Your Building’s Exterior

Your building’s appearance makes a difference. If you have competitors nearby, they are an immediate option for would-be customers. When customers are facing the choice of which business to walk into, they will most likely choose the building that looks the best. The appearance of your building gives customers an idea of how you run your business and the type of service you provide. A new exterior paint job for your workspace would definitely give it added interest for the public!

Pro1 trains our professional painters to work in business settings. We know you don’t want interruptions in your company, and we provide quality and timely service around your schedule to avoid interrupting your work. If you’re interested in painting your workplace, we’d love to help you. Give us a call!