One of the most exciting times in life is when you step out of your comfort zone, and dive head first into a new adventure. In today’s real estate market, there are an increasingly high number of opportunities to invest in commercial real estate property, and begin the business pursuits of your dreams! However, chances are the building that you’ve purchased is in disrepair and in great need of some sort of renovation. Do not fear! At Pro1Painters, our team of skilled commercial painting contractors can work with you to establish a game plan for transforming your new investment into a dream commercial building. Here’s how to get started:


Be sure to have a full inspection, evaluating different aspects of your building before you get started on any renovations. Obviously, you know that the building was a good investment or you wouldn’t have gone through with the purchase. Use general contractors and painting professionals from the area to help you assess and prioritize the various needs of your building. Determine the type of commercial use for your building, and ensure that you are on track with all codes.

Dream Plans

Make sure that you dream big. The commercial painting services in your area will help you think outside the box and truly come away with innovative and progressive plans for your space. It’s OK to start out big with your ideas. There will be plenty of time to work backward.

Pair Down

Once you’ve established your larger plans for your space, begin to set smaller tasks and projects for yourself and your team. As remodeling plans might be in the budget for year two or three, interior paint can be a more cost-efficient way of immediately improving the commercial interior. Determine an overall purpose and mission statement for your building, and sipher all decisions through that mission. This will help you eliminate unnecessary projects and give you the endurance to get through the ones you have deemed important.

Get to Work

The fun part! If you’ve bought a commercial building, you are most likely hoping to turn that around for profit as soon as possible. Managing the work that goes into a commercial painting job with the daily demands of regular work and family can be a heavy burden. Map out your schedule with your general contractor to ensure that work is being done at a consistent pace, and that you are able to be a part of the process during times that work with your already existing schedule.


Don’t be alarmed if it’s taking a long time. A commercial renovation project can be a scary endeavor – it’s important that you remain optimistic and hopeful throughout the process. Circle back to your mission statement, and breathe easily as you manage the different hurdles and decisions. Your commercial painting contractor should work with you to establish clear communication and to keep you updated of surprises throughout the process.


Undertaking a commercial renovation project is a big deal. As the final details are determined, and as you get ready to reap the rewards of your efforts, it’s important that you enjoy the work that you and your commercial painting contractor have completed. Take pride in your work, and get ready to start seeing your building operate how you dreamed it would!

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At Pro1Painters, we understand that purchasing a piece of commercial real estate is a scary leap of faith. As members of the Southeastern Alabama community, we are committed to seeing quality businesses and people join our area. Our painting professionals at Pro1Painters work with customers to establish clear expectations during the estimate process. We carry out those expectations until the completion of the project, and we are proud of the commercial painting services that we offer. Contact us today to learn more about our company.