When it’s time to start a painting job, you have a lot of decisions to make. You may have already taken time and care to choose the perfect paint colors, finishes, or patterns – only to find out that once they are up on the walls, they look completely different! What’s the problem? It may be your lighting. Fluorescent lighting is common, especially in your office or industrial space. While it’s often much easier to change paint color than it is lighting, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with less-than-perfect colors. The commercial painters at Pro 1 are here to help you find the right paint for your needs.

Paint Color

Paint colors are not created equally. Depending on the amount of natural and artificial light in a room, the same color can look dramatically different. This is an issue if you had the perfect look in mind and you realize the color on your walls doesn’t match your vision. So how does lighting affect your paint color? Rooms with fluorescent lighting tend to add a bit of a blue-ish glow to the walls. Incandescent or halogen lights create a warm, yellow tint. How much sun exposure your room gets will play a factor as well; north-facing rooms work well with cooler colors, while south-facing rooms complement warmer colors.

So once you have figured out what kind of lighting your space has, how do you know which paint color to choose? Keep in mind that the blue tint from fluorescent lights will enhance naturally blue and green paint colors, while dulling yellow and orange. Choosing a light blue or green paint will allow your lighting to work with you instead of against you (and help keep your colors true).

Paint Finishes

The paint finishes also play an important role in your overall paint color. While you have probably heard of different paint finishes, you may not know what they mean for your walls. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Matte: little sheen
  • Eggshell: mild, subtle sheen
  • Satin: medium shine
  • Gloss: distinct shine

Finishes with more shine attract the eye, so keep this in mind when pairing your paint colors with your fluorescent lights.

How to Choose

Now that you know all of this, how do you choose the best interior paint? While the possibilities are endless, here are some options that would look great under your fluorescent lights.

  • Benjamin Moore Sea Foam
  • Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments
  • Benjamin Moore Ice Cap
  • Benjamin Moore Silver Crest

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing paint colors for your room with fluorescent lighting. But by now you’ve also learned that all kinds of lighting can affect how a paint color looks on your walls. That is why it’s important to do your research, paint test swatches, and always leave your painting project in the very capable hands of our painting professionals at Pro 1. Whatever you choose, our experts will be ready to help you from beginning to end. Contact us for a free quote today!