You may know Pro 1 Painters as your preferred residential painting company, but did you know we are also commercial painting contractors? That’s right! This means you can call us to freshen up your home and your office space, and you can expect the same professional work you have come to associate with our name. If you own a business, we would love to come in and complete any interior or exterior painting projects you might have. Our years of experience can truly work for you, as we have painted a variety of different materials, including metal.

What Makes Metal Unique?

First and foremost, different metals require different treatments. For example, steel, unlike some exterior surfaces, is susceptible to rust. Before painting any steel, the first step is removing all rust with a wire brush and then applying a rust-inhibitive primer. Once these steps are finished, then it will be time to apply the best exterior paint to the surface of the steel.

What if, instead of steel, the exterior of your business is constructed with aluminum? The good news is aluminum is a fairly easy metal to paint. There are some important things to keep in mind, however. If you wish to paint aluminum that has already been painted, be sure to check to see if the paint is “chalky.” This means just like it sounds – if you touch the paint, a fine dust may appear on your fingertips. This indicates that the old coating is badly weathered and must be removed before you can proceed. Our employees will use a cleanser (such as trisodium phosphate) to clean the surface of dirt, chalk, mildew, or other contaminants.

What if you don’t know exactly what kind of metal you have? Or, if you know what you have, you’re not sure how to go about painting it? That’s where we come in.

Why Hire a Commercial Painting Company?

When it comes to owning a business, your plate is full. You are in charge of overseeing so many things on a daily basis, you just don’t need anything else on your to-do list. The professional painters at Pro 1 are licensed, certified, and knowledgeable – this means that we will know exactly what kind of treatment your metal requires. We also put a strong emphasis on communication, so you will understand what we are doing and why we’re doing it during each step of the process.

Our painters are, as mentioned, professional. This means we will not interfere with how your business needs to run. We work with you to complete your project on a schedule that allows your company to move forward with as little interruption as possible. Sometimes this means completing projects at night. Even if we are working during your business hours, your customers will know you’ve hired a reputable, professional paint company. All of our employees wear uniforms – painter pants with a Pro 1 shirt – so we will represent the standard of professionalism you strive to keep at your own business.

If you are interested in starting a project at your home or workspace, call us for a free quote today!

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