If you’re the owner of a multi-story building in an urban, downtown space, you know the difficulty that comes along with putting a new coat of paint on your building’s exterior. There are safety issues due to your building’s height, and there are special issues to consider when your building is in the middle of a busy and congested space. This kind of paint job isn’t something you can easily “DIY.” It requires careful planning, skilled painters, and some legal work as well. The commercial painting contractors at Pro 1 are skilled and able to do all of these things for you. You won’t have to lift a finger, and your high-rise building will get the fresh coat of paint it needs. Win-win!

What makes a multi-story painting job particularly difficult? Why should you put this project in the capable hands of our exterior painters? Read on.

Painter Prep Work

Before a quality paint job can begin, there needs to be a good amount of planning. This is true for any project really, but when height factors into the mix, the amount of planning increases. The licensed painters at Pro 1 have the experience you can trust to organize all of your project’s preparations. When you are working with a very tall space, you’ll need to acquire and coordinate scaffolding and other rigging necessary to safely reach the tallest parts of the walls. “Safely” is the key word here! We know how to approach your project with safety, thanks to the variety of commercial painting jobs we regularly take on.

Once all of the safety equipment is set, we’ll closely examine the area surrounding your business. We’ll factor in street access, traffic congestion, and peak hours before we map out the painting. Additionally, we’ll figure out when you would prefer we do the actual painting. We know that large scale projects can sometimes disrupt your business, and we would like to minimize that to the best of our ability. By hiring professionals, you will be showing the people on your street that you only want the best for your business. Coming across as being a business that only deals with the best is a pretty good message to convey!

The Professional Painter Edge

Whenever a large scale project is started, permits and paperwork are required. This can be confusing. Who to call? What do you need before you can begin? We can help you through all of these questions. We’ll help you acquire all of the legal materials you need for your project. Another legal issue you’ll protect yourself from by hiring us is liability. We carry our own insurance, so any issues will be covered. Don’t let this be something you have to worry about. Let us put your mind at ease.

Contact the Best Painters!

Our painters at Pro 1 are more than just employees – they’re family. And it shows! Happy employees make for excellent workers. We truly believe you’ll see the Pro 1 difference in your project. We possess the skills and knowledge to work on a variety of surfaces, materials, and coatings. We’ll work inside or outside, day or night, and we will complete the project on time and under budget.

If you are ready to see the Pro 1 difference in your business, talk to our expert painters by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 251-621-1100 to get your free quote today!

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