If you’ve ever had new flooring installed in your commercial space, you know how great it looks on that first day. You want to keep your floors looking brand new for as long as possible, which is no easy task, considering the amount of foot traffic and machinery on your floors on a daily basis. Here at Pro 1 Painters, our commercial painting contractors want to help improve your floor’s durability and look by applying epoxy floor coatings.

What is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

An epoxy floor coating is not paint. It is a thermosetting resin applied as a coating. Simply put, the epoxy is an extra durable hardener that protects your floors. Epoxy floor coatings are so durable, they are often used in garages or other spaces where heavy machinery is driven or parked. These coatings are usually applied to concrete floors, such as the ones you may find in your garage or other commercial space. The application, while it may seem simple, requires the skill and precision our industrial coating contractors are able to provide.

Industrial Coating Services

You may be wondering what is involved with our industrial coating services. As previously mentioned, it is a multi-step process that must be applied accurately and carefully. We highly recommend our experts take on this part of your project, as several factors must be considered and closely monitored to achieve the best results. First of all, the weather and climate must be studied, as the application cannot adhere properly in the wrong temperatures. It’s also important to note that once the epoxy is mixed, there is a specific amount of time during which it must be applied or it will harden. After the epoxy is applied, the flooring will be covered with a finishing material. After this, your floors are properly coated and ready for your regular wear and tear!

Advantages of Industrial Coating

What are the main advantages of this industrial coating? We’ve already mentioned that epoxy coatings will increase the durability of your floors. In addition, it is easy to clean and quick to apply. This project will not shut down your business! Our commercial contractors will work with your business hours to complete the project when it will disrupt your life the least. It is our number one goal to make sure you are not only satisfied with the job, but also satisfied with our service.

Epoxy floors are high gloss, so they will increase the brightness and openness of your space. They also help resist stains and bead water spills for easy cleanup. Properly applied epoxy floors – the only kind you’ll get from Pro 1 Painters – can last for several years. And, maybe the best news for you, they require very little day-to-day maintenance! You can focus on running your business instead of worrying about flooring.

If this seems like something that would help your business run smoothly, contact the best painting contractors by calling 251-621-1100 or filling out our online form today. We can’t wait to work for you!

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