Business owners, we understand the importance of keeping the outside of your workspace clean and polished. First impressions make a huge difference when it comes to potential clients! You know Pro 1 Painters as your friendly neighborhood residential house painters, but Pro 1 is available to help you with your commercial space as well. Whether you need interior or exterior painting services or repair, we can help you every step of the way.

Pro 1’s licensed painters are able to work with a variety of exterior surfaces, such as wood, stucco, and concrete. But what if you don’t need an entirely new paint job? What if your concrete walls are in need of a little repair because they are spalling? Which leads us to…

What is Spalling?

Spalling is a common issue that occurs in concrete, brick, and natural stone walls. Spalling can cause structural damage and affect the integrity of the house by causing parts of the surface to peel and flake off. This happens when water gets inside the exterior surface material.

What Causes Spalling?

Spalling can happen due to a few different things. Depending on how or when your concrete was installed, it may have been done improperly. Either the mix was wrong or the concrete wasn’t allowed to properly cure. Weather can exacerbate problems if you live in a cold area with an abundance of freeze-thaw cycles.

Spalling will also occur if the rebar has been exposed and started to rust due to water and humidity.

How to Fix Spalling

This is where we highly recommend that you let the knowledge and experience of the certified painters at Pro 1 work for you. Repairing concrete spalls can be a tricky and time-consuming process, especially for the layman. For example, if the damage is more than one third of the overall thickness of the concrete, the job may require laying down new steel bars and completing a full restoration process.

Even if the damage isn’t so significant, several steps are required to ensure quality craftsmanship. These include:

  • Removing all debris and thoroughly cleaning before getting started.
  • If rebar is exposed, cleaning it efficiently and following up with a coat of waterproofing materials.
  • Waiting until the surface is completely dry before beginning to apply any compound or patching.
  • Since the compound is quick-drying, be sensitive of time and only mix what you will use in about fifteen minutes.
  • Check the weather. Make sure it will remain above 40 degrees Fahrenheit – day and night – for the entire time you need for your project.

Now that you see all that’s involved with this kind of project, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your space was under the care and expertise of our contractors at Pro 1 Painters? We will communicate with you throughout our entire process so you will always know how things are going. We always work to keep you under budget and get your project finished on time. If you have a problem with concrete spalling, or you have another project you’re interesting in starting, give us a call for a free quote today!

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