Pre-Paint Checklist

We understand that your home, furnishings and landscaping are of great value to you so we ask that you complete the following prior to our arrival. If you are physically unable to perform these tasks, please let us know and we can arrange to have these done.


  • Remove pictures from walls.
  • Remove table lamps, small accessories from tables, shelving and mantel.
    Closets: Remove all clothing and any other contents that are in the closets that are scheduled to be painted.
  • Remove all contents of bookshelves as well as the inside and top of the china cabinet.
  • Remove contents of kitchen cabinets if they are to be refinished.
    Grandfather clocks should be secured or removed from area.
  • Remove towels, rugs, accessories from bath and powder rooms.
  • Take down curtains and draperies.
  • Computer , audio, TV equipment, phone and all electronic equipment should be unplugged from wall.
  • Alarm system should be disabled.
  • Make any necessary arrangements for pets.


  • Cut back all branches touching the home, take down vines that are close to or connected to the home.
  • Remove and store all items from your front or back porch that you would not want to get wet during the power washing process.
  • Make sure all windows & doors are closed on the day power washing is to take place.
  • Please turn off automatic sprinkler system for the duration of the project.
  • Please have all animal waste cleaned up before arrival.

Touch-Up Request Form

If attention is needed to any areas covered under our Warranty, complete this form and mail to our office. Allow at least two weeks to schedule a time to return to your property. We will contact you to schedule a convenient time to meet with you.

Limited Warranty

Pro 1 Painters offers a three-year warranty on labor and materials. If you need a paint job corrected, excluding consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse, temperature changes, settlement or moisture, download the warranty form below and give us a call today.


Pro 1 Painters Limited Warranty

If you are looking for a Painting Contractor, then please call 251-621-1100 or complete our online request form.

Companies We Work With

Companies We Work With