Now that the ice and cold are a distant memory, you’re probably excited to spend more time outside. Regularly seeing the outside of your home for the first time since last fall could be eye opening. Are you itching to increase your curb appeal? You may wish that you could, but you’re afraid to take on a big project. Fortunately for you, Pro 1 Painters’ professional painters are here with a secret tip for the easiest curb appeal project there is. It’s painting your front door! Want to make it even easier? Let our professional home painters do it for you.

It’s easy to take your front door for granted, especially in homes with an attached garage – how often do you enter your home through the front door? But for your guests – or even folks just driving by – the front door is their first impression of your home. A door that has chipping, peeling paint sends a message you may not want. If you decide it’s time to repaint the front door, how do you decide what color to choose? Accent colors are all the rage right now, but maybe you’d like to keep your front door subtle. Today we are presenting you with some amazing options that will catch the eye while remaining tasteful.

Best Outdoor House Paint

When you hire the professionals at Pro 1 Painters, you are guaranteed the best outdoor house paint for your project. We only work with the best so you know you’re getting a quality paint job that will last. Now comes the hard part: what paint color should you choose? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Burgundy: This is a stunning choice if you want to stand out without committing to a harsh, bright red. The softness in this shade will provide some depth to the color, making it appear differently depending on what wreaths or other decor you use. If you choose a burgundy with a bit of orange undertones, you’d have the perfect color to resemble falling leaves in autumn. We recommend “Sundried Tomato” or “New London Burgundy,” both by Benjamin Moore.
  • Blue: There is so much you can do with blue! While a deep navy blue is incredibly trendy at the moment, it’s definitely not the only blue option. If the rest of your home exterior is gray, opt for a blue with gray undertones for a perfect match. Or choose a bright turquoise for an exciting accent! Don’t think that your front door needs to dramatically contrast the rest of your home, though. A slightly darker shade of the color of the rest of your house would look just as nice. We recommend “Naval” by Sherwin-Williams or “Hazy Blue” by Benjamin Moore.
  • Green: A dark green looks beautiful on a lot of homes. The richness and depth adds a level of stateliness to your house. A solid green will look nice if your home exterior is lighter or darker in color. It is a color that is both comforting and bold. We recommend “Mohegan Sage” by Benjamin Moore or “Rockbottom” by Sherwin-Williams.

Trust Your Local Painters

Whenever you have a project to complete, you have options. We know this! And believe us when we say that your Mobile, Alabama home is as important to us as our own homes are. We live and work in Mobile, and we’re familiar with the trends, architecture, and climate. We never use subcontractors so you can always rest assured that when you call Pro 1 Painters, you get Pro 1 Painters! We hope that you’ll contact our local painters today by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (251) 621-1100.