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Exterior Commercial Painting

Businesses can be found all along the roads of South Alabama, but what makes your business stand out from the rest? Painting the exterior of your commercial building to remind the people of your South Alabama business.

Pro 1 Painters is a professional painting company that provides South Alabama’s businesses with quality exterior painting services that can’t be beat.  The outside appearance of your business doesn’t just affect you and your customers. It affects the appearances of the entire South Alabama community. A new coat of paint might be the answer to your business’s problems.  Adding a different color or style of paint to the exterior of your business will put your business back in the public’s eye and draw in new customers.

Exterior Painters for Commercial Buildings

Our professional painters have a detailed commercial exterior painting process that involves using weather resistant paints to keep the exterior of your paint from chipping or peeling because of the harsh elements. The painters at Pro 1 Painters are all professionally trained and have the proper experience to provide you with high quality painting services.

Before we start painting the exterior of your business, we begin with a prepping process. Our prepping process includes setting all nails below the surface by using a hammer and nail set. We then putty, sand and prime the area. We then scrape any excess paint that will come off with a scraper. The rest of the wood area and painted areas are sanded with 80 grit paper and power sanders, or possibly pressure sprayers, to remove more feathering paint.

We will caulk all seams and cracks and prime all bare wood.  When the prepping is finally done, our professionals will apply the first coat of exterior paint.  Before applying the second coat, our painters check for defects and hand sand lightly, if needed. The second coat is then also added by brush.

Your business is a high traffic area, and we understand the importance of not interrupting your day to day business life. When you use our professionals, you can guarantee that your paint job will be completed on time, within your budget and professionally.

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