The Best in Front Door Refinishing

Anyone who enters your home usually enters through the front door. It is literally the threshold of your house. Your front door has a big job. It helps keep your family save from intruders, and it keeps out the cold in the winter time and the heat in the summer time. Without your front door, anyone could enter your house whenever they wanted to.  Since your front door is such an important appendage of your house, it needs to be durable and looked amazing.

Pro 1 Painters provides South Alabama with a front door refinishing services that can really complete the exterior appearance of your house. Our professional house painters can completely repair and refinish your old door, or install you a new door way that looks just as amazing.

Exterior Door Restoration Service

Our professionals will reseal and apply caulk around your existing door frame to ensure it is properly secured when it is shut. Then our professionals will treat your door with weather resistant products to strength it. Your front door doesn’t just need to look amazing; it needs to be able to with stand all types of harsh weather and torment.

You can trust that our professional will successfully refinish you door on time, within budget and successfully.  There is no other company in the area that can provide with the quality front door refinishing service that Pro 1 Painters provides.

Our professionals are not just trained in painting and carpentry; they are also trained in customer service. We strive to provide you with the best customer service possible while complete your door refinishing service successfully.

Our Door Refinishing Experts Provide These Services

  • Refinish front door
  • Door restoration
  • Refinishing doors
  • Exterior door refinishing
  • Door refinishing
  • Refinishing wood doors
  • Front door refinishing
  • Exterior door paint
  • Front door restoration
  • Wood door refinishing
  • Painting exterior door
  • Refinishing front door


If you are looking for a Front Door Refinishing Contractor, then please call Pro 1 Painters at 251-621-1100 or complete our online request form.

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