Are you a business owner looking to energize employees, welcome customers, and generally love your business space? As you begin to think about holiday gifts and bonuses for your employees, think about the gift you can give your entire office: new paint.

Paint, especially in an office space, does a whole lot more than cover the walls. A fresh, professional coat of paint can boost morale, brighten moods, and even increase workload. You may know Pro 1 Painters as a home painting company, but did you know we do commercial spaces as well? We want to take on your next commercial painting project, and we think now is the best time of year to get started.

Prepare for the New Year

2018 is on its way, and with it – resolutions! Or, as you may call them, new business goals. Whether you are looking to hire more employees, increase productivity, or just have a nicer looking space, a fresh coat of paint is right for you. Studies show that certain paint colors can affect your mood, so keep this in mind when choosing new paint for your office. Here are some examples:


This bold color stimulates heart rate and encourages productivity. It can also cause aggression or increased appetite, so choose your red hues carefully to keep your employees amicable (and on task!).


Yellow, like the sun, can stimulate feelings of joy and cheerfulness, although this is best used as an accent color.


It is suggested that this color may bring down heart rate and encourage peace and relaxation. Though it seems counterintuitive after having said it is so calming, several shades of blue are said to increase productivity.


A fresh, clean coat of crisp white paint can really brighten up a dull space. Additionally, white walls allow you to use any number of bright accent pieces, whether it’s in the art on the walls or chairs in the conference room. You can add life and light into your office without having much on your walls.

Whatever color you decide, it is important to let the professional painters at Pro 1 do the job for you. We know how to treat your office with care and respect, and we also know that your business with your customers is the most important thing. That’s why we work around our schedule as best we can; we’ll paint parking lots at night and we will communicate with you clearly to find out exactly when and where you’d like us to be for the duration of the project. It is our goal to allow your business to run as smoothly as possible while we are around.

We’re also good at what we do – plain and simple! When you choose our professional painters, your office will never look better. We use three coats of paint to ensure you have the best coverage there is. Consider the gift of new walls for your office this Christmas and call us for a free quote today!