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Give Your Office the Gift of a Fresh Coat of Paint this Holiday Season


Are you a business owner looking to energize employees, welcome customers, and generally love your business space? As you begin to think about holiday gifts and bonuses for your employees, think about the gift you can give your entire office: new paint. Paint, especially in an office space, does a whole lot more than cover […]

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with Beautiful New Interior Colors


With Christmas right around the corner, you may already have a lot on your figurative (and literal!) plate. In addition to buying presents, wrapping, addressing cards, and making lots of food, you may also be tasked with getting your home ready to entertain guests. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to paint your […]

Update Your Garage with a Professional Paint Job


A part of your home you may have overlooked when it comes to home improvement painting is your garage. For many of us, our garage is simply the place we store our cars and tools, but it really is a vital part of your home! With a fresh coat of paint, your garage can feel […]

Colors that Complement Fluorescent Lighting


When it’s time to start a painting job, you have a lot of decisions to make. You may have already taken time and care to choose the perfect paint colors, finishes, or patterns – only to find out that once they are up on the walls, they look completely different! What’s the problem? It may […]

Professional Painting: Why You Get So Much More than Just a Paint Job


We live in a world overflowing with Pinterest beauty and do-it-yourself promises. It’s hard to see other people make a craft, knit a scarf, or decorate a cake and not think, “Hey, I bet I can do that!” While we are not suggesting you are incapable of doing any of those things, we think you […]

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