Summer is a fantastic time to get a brand new paint job. With all of the brightness outside, you may feel inspired to bring some inside as well. The beauty in this idea is that you can embrace the light of summer all year long! Even if you don’t quite feel like matching the sun’s brightness when it comes to your interior painting project, our professional painters are here today with some suggestions for your home that are definitely hot – and cool.

Hot Summer Paint Colors

When it comes to paint colors, your options are virtually endless. Any color you desire is available in so many shades and finishes, it can be hard to choose! That’s why we are here with some of our favorites. We pride ourselves on our communication skills, however, so if you have questions beyond what you see here, please ask!

Without further ado, here are the colors you’ll definitely want to consider for your next project.

Turquoise: We aren’t talking about a subtle accent color. No, the brightest and boldest turquoise you can find is totally in right now! This color would be a bold, energizing accent to a bedroom or bathroom. We love “Nifty Turquoise” by Sherwin-Williams.

Golden Yellow: Not the soft, butter yellow of years past (are you noticing a bold theme with 2018’s top colors yet?), but a bright goldenrod that will make your home feel like summer all year round. Your kitchen would shine with a color like this. We recommend “Golden Ochre” by Valspar.

Blush Pink: For those of you who prefer something a little more sophisticated and demure, blush pinks are really picking up in popularity. This soft, gorgeous color is beautiful in almost any room, though we particularly love it in a living room or den. The lightness will allow it to be a beautiful backdrop to your decor, but the pink shines through just enough to stand out on its own. We recommend “Penelope” by Graham & Brown.

Earth Tones: Get in touch with nature by bringing the majesty of your backyard inside (without all of the dirt!). Earth tones are a stunning choice for any room in your house, and they can range from light and subtle to rich and bold. We love “Charcoal Brown” by Valspar.

Purple: Ultra violet is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, and it is easy to see why. This rich and complex color adds energy and depth to any room. There are lots of purple options to explore, however, each one more sophisticated and unique than the last. We recommend “Kalamata” by Benjamin Moore.

Hire Local Painters

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