If you are a business owner in Mobile, Alabama, you may own a space with concrete floors. While they might seem incredibly durable (and this is often the case!), it is certainly important to make sure that they stay that way. You know that if employees or customers are regularly walking or driving on concrete floors, you need them to be in top notch condition for safety reasons. Fortunately for you, the commercial painting contractors at Pro 1 Painters are here with suggestions on how best to assess the health of your concrete floors. Keep reading for tips to keep your business the healthy, productive place it should be!

We’re Your Industrial Coating Contractors

We know all about concrete flooring, and our industrial coating contractors can answer any questions you might have about coatings as well. Industrial coatings protect the life of your concrete floor, so once you know they are durable and safe, you’ll want to have them coated for extra protection. So how do you know that your concrete flooring needs a little TLC? We’ll show you what to watch out for.

Excessive Deterioration: This is going to be the easiest thing to see at first glance. Heavy machinery, chemical compounds, and even excessive foot traffic can cause grooves, chips, and general damage, particularly to uncoated floors. While to a certain extent the repairs would favor aesthetics, deterioration like this can cause workplace accidents and injury. It’s best to fix these issues before they become a liability.

Improper Concrete Design: Unlike some flooring options, concrete floors do not come ready-made. The concrete needs to be mixed and poured with precision or problems can arise. This may be a problem you have inherited, especially if you’ve recently acquired a new-to-you space. If so, it may be necessary to lay completely new floors. The coating contractors at Pro 1 Painters can certainly help make this daunting task seem like a much simpler one!

Excessive Moisture: Unfortunately, not all floor coatings are created equal. Some are particularly vulnerable to excessive moisture and can actually deteriorate over time because of this. At Pro 1 Painters, we thoroughly inspect your space before applying any sort of coating or other material, so you can rest assured knowing that the coating we apply will always be the right one for you. That said, if the wrong type of coating was applied previously, we will be able to find a better choice for your needs.

Choose the Best Paint Company

If you have concrete floors and you just aren’t sure if they need help, give Pro 1 Painters a call! We’ll answer your questions, provide you with a free quote, and make sure that your business looks and feels great. The best paint company is ready to become the best concrete floor company where your business is concerned. And if you have a need for painting while we’re around, we are happy to discuss that with you as well! So fill out our online form or give us a call at (251) 621-1100 today.