If you need some sheetrock repair in Mobile, AL, you may be tempted to follow one of the many DIY tutorials available online. And you wouldn’t be too far off to think this was a legitimate possibility; after all, sheetrock repair is a relatively simple job. Unfortunately, simple doesn’t always mean easy. Even if you follow the steps of sheetrock repair without too much trouble, you may be left with a lumpy mess that will cost more to fix than your original repair would have. The licensed painting contractors at Pro 1 Painters are here to walk you through the many steps of sheetrock repair. Once you see all that’s involved, you may want to take this one off of your DIY list!

Drywall and Painting

Even though we have “painters” in our name, know that we can help you with much more than that! Drywall and painting, along with various kinds of repairs (sheetrock, concrete, and cabinets to name a few), are all residential jobs we are comfortable with. Before we begin any project, we will always thoroughly examine the area so we have a clear assessment of all the damage. This allows us to know exactly what kind of materials we will need. We will also thoroughly clean the area so there isn’t any dust to be an irritant or to ruin the materials.

The first step in sheetrock repair is determining which compounding material is best and how much you will need. We’ll begin our repairs with your doorknobs. We use a special adhesive patch to protect the doorknob hole while we work around it. This patch is an aluminum screen covered by a fine mesh. We’ll apply three coats of compounding over the mesh. Then we move on to battered corners. We’ll use a hacksaw to cut away the corner metal bead and use a nail board to pry off the damaged section. Finally, we will cut a new section of corner bead, attach it to the wall, and sand it before applying compounding materials.

Professional Paint Jobs and More

Whenever we are talking about sheetrock repair, we are always asked about cracks. We get it – they’re obvious, they’re dangerous, and you just don’t want them! Fixing cracks is the next step in the repair process. We first use a sanding stone to smooth the crack, and then apply a thin coat of joint compound to the area. We sand it and apply a second coat if necessary. The cracks are finished up with a spray of elastic crack coating.

Depending on the severity of your sheetrock issues, our residential painters may need to follow more steps. You can rest assured, however, that once your sheetrock repair is completed, we can provide a professional paint job to get your space looking new! Think of all the steps you have to commit to if you decided to take on this project by yourself. Not to mention all of the materials you’d have to purchase and time you would have to take off of work to spend working at home!

At Pro 1 Painters, we want to be your home improvement experts. If you are in need of any sheetrock repair or other residential painting services, fill out our online form or give us a call at 251-621-1100 today!