Pro 1 Painters  is committed to stand out among local painting companies in the Daphne, Al area and the greater gulf south . We are dedicated to keeping our job sites, workers, and customers safe throughout our painting process.

As a building and house painting company we are constantly looking for current trends and practices to maintain this standard of safety. We are happy to announce that we have received our Summit Safety Certification

Summit Safety Certification and Painting Contractors

The Summit Safety Certification comes from the Nolan Consulting Group. Since 2003 Nolan has been challenging companies in the construction and painting industry to strive for the highest levels of excellence in job safety. They have spent years creating a proven pathway for businesses to achieve more and keep their employees safe.

Summit Safety’s 16 Requirements for Painters

Summit holds building painting contractors to a high standard. In order to receive their safety certification employers must share 16 unique criteria and have a plan set in place to sustain these practices for the future. This is not only good for commercial contractors, but more importantly for Pro 1 Painters.

  • Updated Safety Manual, Employee Sign off Sheet Included
  • Formal Safety Orientation  for all new hires
  • One year outlined Safety Training Syllabus
  • Procedures for “In Case of Injury” in place and communicated
  • Company form detailing process for investigating injuries
  • Established Light Duty Program for all field positions
  • Lead training/ Best Practices: All employees go through training
  • Outlined Lead Training Program and Schedule
  • Contingent upon Company and Industry
  • Photo of SDS Books (Safety Data Sheets) in Proper Location for Field Reference (Truck & Office, Digitally)
  • Safety Audit form (Minimum 2 Audits/Month)
  • Safety Huddle- Huddle Format Outlined (Minimum 2 Huddles/Week)
  • Copy of Completed OSHA 300 Series Paper Work
  • Outline of Required PPE by type of work (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Management on site required to wear PPE
  • Field Job Descriptions include required Safety Behavior
  • Submit Current Safety Metrics
  • Mod  Rate
  • Loss Ratio
  • Incidence Rate
  • Provide Description of Company Plan to Sustain Safety Culture

This list seems overwhelming at first glance but as you read through the requirements it becomes more clear just how important all of these items are. Not only does this give a company certification, it also helps all of at Pro 1 Painters think through our day-to-day and make sure that all of our processes are up-to-date and safe.

Safety as a Culture in a Painting Company

At the end of the day we use certifications like this to help instill safety as a culture in our workplace. This is a top to bottom call-to-action for our organization. Everyone on our team is required to be committed to quality of work but also to complete and total safety on the job. This helps us show up better prepared to your home or business and also keeps you and your family or employees safe.

All of us at Pro 1 Painters are grateful to be added to the list of Summit Safety Certified organizations. Certifications like this help lay a strong foundation of jobsite safety for years to come. If you want to learn more about our safety practices or are interested in an exterior or interior painting estimate give us a call today.