Are you a business owner, property manager, or homeowner who is looking for professional, quality commercial painters? You may already know Pro 1 Painters as professional home painters, but did you know we do much more than that? Pro 1 Painters will work with you to add a fresh coat of paint to your private or public school, church, hospital, or convenience store chain.

Why Pro 1 Painters?

Pro 1 Painters was born out of the idea that a painting company can be completely professional; we pride ourselves on having the best professional painters. All painters are employees, not subcontractors. Our employees wear uniforms: white painter pants and tan Pro 1 shirts. We use only the best products with the best painting colors, so the quality of the work is top-notch. So much so, in fact, that warranties are three years instead of the usual two. All of our painters strive to finish projects on time, accommodate commercial schedules, and communicate openly with our clients.

Painters at Pro 1 always begin a project by asking three questions: Where can we use the bathroom? Where can we set up? Where do we clean our tools? We also do our best to minimize disruption in your life or business. We do parking lots and road stripings at night and work around schedules to the best of our ability. Our policy is to give you the best paint job by always putting down a drop cloth, so you are left with high quality work and nothing to clean up. It is our goal to professionally manage every project we take on.

What Sets Us Apart

At Pro 1 Painters, we teach painters what it’s like to work for a professional company. All of our employees file W2s, which is not common in this industry. We want to elevate people and give them a sense of pride and investment in the company – or, as we like to refer to it, “family” – they belong to. We are so committed to improving lives with our work that we paint rooms in the Ronald McDonald house once a month, pro bono. When you have a job that needs to be completed, you want to call a reputable company that you know will do quality work and finish the project on time. As a smaller, family-owned business, we can provide you with personalized, competitive service that bigger markets cannot.

Pro 1 Painters proudly serves South Alabama. We are willing to travel up to 3.5 hours away, so we are also pleased to serve southern Mississippi and parts of Florida, including Pensacola, Escambia
County, and Navarre. We do home painting in most residential neighborhoods in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Painters You Can Trust

We do quality work at fair, competitive prices – but it’s our employees who really set us above the rest. We treat our employees with the same respect we expect them to give you. You will receive a complete quote, a quality paint job using the best products, and courteous, professional painters. Your project is our project. We know that the image your business projects is directly related to how successful you are, and we want to help you reach the optimum level of success. Call Pro 1 Painters for a free quote today!