Believe it or not, winter is coming! If you are a business owner, you know that this means extra work for you and your employees. Between salting icy sidewalks, shoveling snowy parking lots, and simply mopping your floors several times a day due to all of the mess coming in, your schedule is full. You may forget to give a second thought to how the exterior of your business is affected by the snow and ice. The commercial painters at Pro 1 are prepared to help your business look as good on the outside as it feels on the inside. We all know that first impressions mean a lot – and the very best way to make a positive first impression with your clients is with a professional coat of our best exterior paint.

Why Paint Matters

As you’ve probably heard, first impressions are huge. If the outside of your business is worn, outdated, or simply uninspiring, it may turn off potential clients. Investing in a professional paint job for the exterior of your business can make a positive impact in attracting new interest.

When you choose Pro 1 Painters for your business needs, you can rest assured that we will do our best to complete the project in an efficient and timely manner so your company can continue to run smoothly. Additionally, we only choose from the best paints to ensure that the exterior of your business has some extra protection against the elements and has excellent curb appeal.

What Paint to Choose?

Our professional painters at Pro 1 know the importance – and difficulty – of choosing paint colors for your business. We have a few tips to offer to make this part of your commercial paint job a little easier.

First of all, look around. Look at the nearby businesses. What paint colors are used? Do you want to fit in with the crowd or stand out? Look at your business too, and determine the colors you can change and which are permanent. (Permanent colors may include shingles or trim, especially if you are renting.)

Second, think about the inside of your business and choose your exterior color with this in mind. You can either select a paint color in the same family as the interior of your business or you can choose a complementary color; either way, all of the colors of your company would go very well together.

Third, consider your branding. What colors are your company logo? Can you use these colors in the exterior of your business? Not only will this complement your logo, but it will really help your customers associate the exterior of your business with your brand.

Whatever you decide for your business, it’s important to remember that a high quality paint job by professionals is important. The paint will look beautiful and be strong enough to stand up against snow, rain, and wind. Contact the certified professional painters at Pro 1 today to talk about the future of your business!