When the time comes to do some home improvement painting, you know you can count on the licensed painters at Pro 1 to give you a paint job you’ll never forget. That’s the easy part! It may be a little bit harder when it actually comes to choosing your paint colors. The options are nearly endless, and did you know that different colors can actually affect your mood in different ways? It’s important to consider the psychology behind colors when it comes to making your selections.

Though you may not realize it, if a certain room seems extra calming (or extra irritating!) the colors in that room could play a role in how you perceive it. Before you commit to changing a room color, here are some different colors and how they may affect your mood.

Cool Colors

Cool colors, such as purple or blue, can be extremely beneficial in a home or commercial office space. And you’re in luck – we are also commercial painters at Pro 1! Purple is an especially good color for inspiring creativity. The combination of the reds and blues found in purple can both stimulate the senses and provide a relaxing calm, so stress disappears while productivity flourishes. Blues and greens are calming and peaceful. These would be excellent options in a high-traffic space (think: living room) or a bedroom.

Warm Colors

Warm colors like yellow and orange can actually stimulate your appetite. Think about some of your favorite restaurants and the colors they use – does this make sense? So you might want to be careful when it comes to using warmer colors in your kitchen or dining room, for example – that is, if you’re trying to limit portions!

Colors for Marketing

If you own a business, you know the importance of choosing paint colors that reflect the brand of your company. When you are selecting the colors to use in your logo or your office space, consider some of these colors and the associations potential clients may have with them. Factor this in while making your decisions!

  • White: Purity, innocence, new beginnings, clean slate.
  • Black: Power, evil, death, authority.
  • Gray: Timeless, practical, comfortable.
  • Red: Love, excitement, life-giving, intensity.
  • Purple: Royalty, sophistication, respect.

This is a small color list, but it will hopefully help you see how important it is to choose your paint colors carefully. The painters at Pro 1 can help you find the best paint for your project.

Hopefully this has helped you realize the importance of color selection. Since our professionals will make the painting part of your project easy, this decision is all that stands between you and beautiful updated walls. And of course, if you’re struggling to choose, we are happy to help you decide. Our painters are always up to date on current trends and new designs, so we will work with you to make sure your project is the best it can be. If you think you’re ready for a metaphorical breath of fresh air inside your home or office, contact us for a free quote today.