As cities expand and become more costly, many families and homeowners consider a move to quieter, more affordable areas of the country. Southeastern Alabama, home of Pro1Painters, is no exception. Located near the Gulf of Mexico, home to incoming businesses and a strong school district, and boasting low real estate prices, Mobile, AL, should be on everyone’s radar. Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About the Residential Boom in Mobile, AL:

Real Estate Sales

Prices on residential homes are low. The average home sold in the city is $119,000, and equitable rates are found for commercial spaces. Investing in a residential or commercial space in the area is low risk and high reward. When Airbus opened a manufacturing center in Mobile, AL in 2015, thousands of out-of-state residents applied for work. As new businesses crop up, providing temporary housing through rentals could provide your family a source of income. If this is supplementary income, consider working with residential painting contractors to help the renovation project along, and ensure renters sooner rather than later.

Cost of Living

One of the benefits of smaller, southern towns like Mobile, AL, is the cost of living. If you work remotely or have the opportunity to move from a major metropolitan area, then you will benefit greatly from the low living costs. Your family will be able to enjoy the extracurricular activities and a healthy work/life balance. Because of the low cost of living, you also have the opportunity to create your dream home! Residential painting contractors, such as Pro1Painters, work with families to create customized quotes. Interior paint renovations are entirely possible and can help you turn your dream home into a reality.

Coastal Life

Living on the Gulf is an attractive option for many people. Mobile is home to one of the largest ports in the United States, a growing arts and culture community, and easy access to the beaches. There are opportunities to own large acreage land sites, and residential painting services and general contractors offer competitive, affordable services. Outdoor sports, such as golf, swimming, baseball and youth leagues, are available year-round, and the small-town communal feel is felt throughout the area. Spruce up your coastal home with residential paint colors that reflect an easy, relaxed vibe, such as Sherwin Williams Breezy or Grays Harbor.


Southeastern Alabama was one of the areas heavily impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Years later, it is still recovering. For creative entrepreneurs, however, this is a goldmine. As residential and commercial space becomes available, more jobs are creeping into the city and the culture is malleable to the desires of the new businesses. This is the time to invest in real estate in the area. Revitalize with residential painting job to create a space for temporary rentals for the incoming business and military personnel making their way through the area.

House a Home

When it comes to affordable housing options, major cities are unable to deliver. However, this has allowed smaller towns to develop their arts, culture and community programs to become more attractive to families wanting to move out of the busy metropolitan areas. As you look to relocate to some place like Mobile, factor in the cost of a residential painting job into your decision. The cost of a home is low to begin with, but it’s not far fetched to assume that you’ll also be able to update the finishes throughout.

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At Pro1Painters, we understand that relocating to a new area of the country is a huge decision. However, if you are looking to create a positive, enriching life for you and your family, and want an affordable option, we strongly recommend that you consider Mobile, AL. The painting professionals at Pro1Painters work with new homeowners to establish clear expectations during the estimate process. We carry out those expectations until the completion of the project, and we are proud of the commercial and residential interior painting work that we do throughout Southeastern Alabama. Contact us today to learn more about our interior painting services.