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If your Fairhope, AL house has been around for a while, you may have started to notice that your interior paint job, or even your exterior paint job, is fading. Even if it’s not fading, you might just be growing tired of seeing the same colors or lack of color every day.  The professionals at Pro 1 Painters are a qualified Fairhope painting contractor that specializes in painting the interior and the exterior of Fairhope’s home and businesses.

We provide quality paint services that you can trust.  Our painting services include interior painting, exterior painting, sheetrock repair services, general carpentry, front door refinishing and deck refinishing services.

Although we are a new painting company, our professionals still have tons of painting experience and are highly trained to provide you with a high quality paint job. We are a family-owned and locally operated painting business, who can relate to your family’s needs on a different level than most companies.  Customer service is our top priority. All of our professionals will treat you and your home with respect.

Fairhope Interior Painting

You don’t have to build an entire new home to be completely satisfied with the appearance of your house. Sometimes changing the interior décor of your house can make you feel like you are living a completely different life.

Pro 1 Painters is a Fairhope Interior painting contractor that specializes in painting the interior of houses and businesses around Fairhope. Our professionals are detailed oriented, and they used an interior painting processes that will leave you more than satisfied with your home’s new appearance.

Before our professionals began your paint job, we take the time to prep your room so nothing gets broken or harmed by paint splatter. All removable furniture is removed before a paint job and replaced after the paint job is finished. The remaining objects and flooring area is covered in drop clothes and plastic protectors.

After the area is prepped, our professionals will inspect your walls for any cracks or holes that could damage the final outcome of your paint job. All findings are discussed with the homeowner before they are repaired.  After the sheetrock is fixed, our painters will apply a coat of paint to your walls.  Before applying the second coat, we take the time to inspect the first coat and make sure everything is up to your standards before proceeding.

After an interior paint job is completed, our professionals clean the room and return everything to their original home. Our interior paint job is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Fairhope Exterior Painting

The paint job on the outside of your house is subjected to all types of wear and tear. There are dirt splatters, sun spots and damage from harsh rain.  When you start noticing your house’s exterior looking a little rough, it could be time to paint your exterior.

The professionals Pro 1 Painters provide the Fairhope area with high quality exterior painting services on houses and businesses. Our professionals understand the importance of the exterior appearance of your house, and we will strive to make your house the prettiest in the neighborhood.

Much like our interior painting process, our exterior painting process begins with repairs to the exterior of your home. We will putty, sand and prime your exterior before we begin the painting processes. Our painters will remove any chipped paint and sand it down for a smooth surface.

We will then add by brush a coat of weather resistant paint from a lead manufacture that you can trust.  After the first coat dries, the second coat is also added by brush.

Our professionals will not consider your exterior paint job complete until you are 100% satisfied with the exterior appearance of your house.  We even paint trims, doors and porches! You can trust the quality of the work provided by Pro 1 Painters to be durable and long lasting

Our Fairhope Painting Services Include:

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