A part of your home you may have overlooked when it comes to home improvement painting is your garage. For many of us, our garage is simply the place we store our cars and tools, but it really is a vital part of your home! With a fresh coat of paint, your garage can feel like a part of your home as well.

You may be wondering if it is worth it to have professional painters come out for your garage or if you can make it a do-it-yourself job. Even though it may be tempting to tackle this project by yourself, we’re here to tell you why our professionals at Pro 1 can make your garage painting job nicer and easier.


There are several factors that make it much easier to have your garage painted by professionals instead of yourself. A garage is not constructed in the same way the rest of your house is. Because the drywall found in most garages is porous, good prep work is required before beginning a garage project. Painting drywall requires you to thoroughly clean and repair your walls before you begin to paint. When you consider all of the dust and insects that naturally find their way into your garage, this can be a big job.

Fortunately, our painters at Pro 1 are professionals who can handle this with ease. We always use drop cloths, so once we get your garage cleaned and prepped, we will make sure it stays that way. Some garages have very high ceilings, which calls for a lot of painting done on ladders. If this doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, this is another good reason why it would be best to let the pros take on your job. Pro 1 Painters stands out as a highly professional company in a way most paint companies can’t compare. We never use sub-contractors; all of our painters are certified employees. This means every person we employ takes pride in their work and in their company. We believe this is important and will show in their work.

Peace of Mind

You have a lot on your plate. We all do! Painting a garage is a big job, and if you decide to attempt it by yourself, you will have even more to consider. You will have to buy supplies, paint, ladders, and more. You may also realize that there are holes or dents in your walls that require patching and other repairs before you can begin to paint. Once you get all of your prep work done, you may be completely unmotivated to do the actual paint job! On top of that, consider the possibility of having to take days off from work just to get all of the work done. Now you’re out part of your paycheck and stuck with all of the dirty work. Not with Pro 1!  We’ll help you get your home painting project completed without losing your mind. What sounds better than that?

If you’ve decided you’re ready for a new garage, living room, front door, or bedroom, contact our professionals at Pro 1 Painters for a free quote today. You’ll be glad you did!